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Vibrating feelings

An innovator in weaving and fabrics edition for interior design, METAPHORES is a celebrated brand, inspiring and contemporary, belonging to Hermès’ textile division.

A French signature par excellence, it consolidates the centenarian know how of Verel de Belval’s silk furnishings and Le Crin’s hand-woven horsehair as well as expertise in the most noble textile materials which is at the heart of its editor craft.   

Métaphores fabrics are born from a subtle alchemy between material, spirit, and gesture. A refinement that emanates from the selection of natural noble fibres, remarkable sensory and visual inventiveness and the preservation of exceptional know-how. Bound by their attention to excellence, the three lines coordinate their elegance. Designed for wall coverings, upholstery fabrics, and sheers it decorate volumes, inhabit spaces, and bring to life the most intimate of living environments.