Verel de Belval

Verel de Belval

Silk know how, endlessly reinvented

Verel de Belval is the standard of excellence in the Lyon silk-weaving industry. Rather than simply preserving and passing on its formidable heritage, it evolves and reinvents: an approach that has earned it the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label.

Its mission – create silk expressions in tune with the times – is based on the mastery of exceptional fibres and traditional techniques and is driven by a spirit of innovation.

Home to one of the world’s most extensive archives, Verel de Belval creates collections that skilfully interpret its heritage, giving rise to an array of weaves of consistent quality.   

For special projects and bespoke orders, workshops and archives are open to clients, allowing them to explore in an interactive environment and ensure that each individual’s expectations are met. 

Dedicated to a tradition that has become rare, Verel de Belval, through the Métaphores collections, breathes new life into the precious Lyon silk-weaving industry.