Le Crin

Le Crin


Woven, horsehair offers both a delicate vibrancy and a remarkable resilience, two qualities that attract numerous interior design influencers from diverse backgrounds.     

Only one workshop in the world continues to weave horsehair by hand with rare know how. It takes infinite patience, as well as precise and sure gestures acquired over long months of apprenticeship, to create singular weaves strand by strand. The technique demands such attention to detail that only a few meters are woven each day.

Unsurprisingly Le Crin (Horsehair), the workshop in Challes, in France’s Sarthe region, is heir to a patent filed in 1787. Vested with the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label, Le Crin is a veritable conservatory. Combined with linen, wool, sisal or metallic threads, horsehair allows for the creation of motifs, light effects and sometimes audacious nuances. Exceptional decorative elements that harmoniously complement the Métaphores collections, horsehair-based weaves open new horizons.   

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