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Le Carrousel (2018)

Type de projet Restaurant
Localization 22 Route de Castres, 31130 Balma
Prescripteur Architectures Marco Baertich
Confectionneur Pascal Daveluy
Photographe Marjorie Mailhol

The Architectures Marco Baertich agency has been chosen by the proud new owners of the Le Carrousel Restaurant to turn an old house into a gastronomic must-see place.

In partnership with the Bergo establishments, the architecture agency fully restored and decorated the restaurant in a unique design, which makes customers feel welcomed.

The textile expertise of Créations Métaphores has been solicited to bring modernity and refined furnishing to this contemporary interior. And it is the star velvet, ALOE in Hetre colour, which has been chosen to sublimate the beauty of the seats.

Opened since August 1st 2018, Le Carrousel restaurant is an inexhaustible source of inspiration!

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