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Métaphores 2019

The art, the movement and the material...

The Bauhaus school was established 100 years ago. We at Métaphores were inspired by this anniversary of iconic designs to create our 2019 collection. This new collection has provided the opportunity for us to explore and experiment with the three dimensional diverse designs, masculine and urban references. Please enjoy our new collection.

Métaphores took this path in order to seize this comprehensive, functional and simply elegant approach which has transcended different eras. It has been a source of inspiration for matte and three-dimensional fabrics, masculine and urban tones and modernity but also sensuality. Some of the patterns evoke the streamlined buildings of Mies van der Rohe whereas others remind us of the curves in the works of Klee, the shades contrasted as if borrowed from Kandinsky's palette of colors. A collection that beckons the gaze and touch, clearly opens perspectives and, of course, awakens many emotions.